Autoekspert start using Worldline Yomani Touch payment terminals in all shops

March 09, 2016

autoekspert_logo_worldine_autoekspertNow it’s possible to make payment with secure and fast Worldline Yomani Touch payment terminals in all Autoeksperdi shops in Estonia, where the most important thing is the speed of payments, reliability and security.

Yomani Touch is a user-friendly design, and a full-color touch screen. Terminal can be used as a conventional chip or magnetic card payment, it is also possible to carry out the NFC Payment.

Autoekspert is leading car shops and service chains in Estonnia. Autoekspert is KG Knutsson trademark, which is in use since 1990. Auto Expert is represented all over Estonia, Scandinavia and the other Baltic states.

Worldline is an international company that provides e-payment solutions for all companies who are selling goods or services. Nixor represents Worldline products in the Baltics since 2014. In addition to Autoekspert also Tallinna Kaubamaja, Selver, MyFitness, Sushi Plaza, Konsum are useing Worldline card paymets in Estonia.

If you need more information, please contact us: sales@nixor.ee