Avery Berkel launches the next generation XT Series

October 10, 2016

With decades of retail weighing ingenuity at Avery Berkel, retailers will appreciate the innovation that has gone into the new XT Series of weighing scales. Speed, power and efficiency are at the heart of this new XT scales. Cross-selling, promotions and self-service operation are just some of XT’s front of store abilities. High-speed pre-pack labelling and stock control also makes XT equally as capable in back of store operations. XT truly is the only scale a retailer needs.

Main udates:

  • Wide range of models
  • New Intel Processor
  • SSD-hardware
  • Same motherboard of all scales


The XT Series has a strong reputation for weighing accuracy. ValuMax prevents XT from becoming out of level, especially if scales are moved or knocked when being cleaned. Accuracy is maintained automatically with no action from the operator, so the customer only ever receives what they have paid for, preventing shrinkage and erosion of profitability.

DESIGN: Scales that fit in anywhere

Engineered from stainless steel and eco-friendly plastics, XT is at home in a wide variety of retail environments – from luxury department store food halls to rustic, family-owned farm shops and everything in between. XT houses the same powerful internal components as desktop computers for rich and easy to use retail applications, such as receipt, counter labelling, pre-pack, and POS.

DISPLAYS: Eye-catching and easy to use

Boasting large, bright and colourful touchscreens and customer-facing displays, interacting with XT is quick and intuitive – gone are the days of complicated button presses and combinations. A wide range of screen sizes are available: 7 inch, 10 inch, 13 inch, 13,3 inch, 18 inch.

PRINTING: Faster and with less cost

Fitted with one of the fastest printers in the retail weighing industry, XT wastes no time when it comes to printing customer receipts and pre-pack labelling is completed in record time. Greyscale printing is possible with XT, allowing for logos and images to be reproduced. Compared with black and white printing, print heads can go much further between replacements with greyscale use for lower print costs and better green credentials. XT also features Avery Berkel’s patented CodeChecker technology as standard. Wear level of print heads are actively monitored to prioritise barcodes and QR codes to eliminate scanning errors and speed up queue times.

MXBusiness software: Perfectly complementing XT

The XT is rounded off by Avery Berkel’s in-house MXBusiness scale management software. With the ability to drive product and pricing updates to all scales across a network, opportunities for mistakes are removed. MXBusiness also has the ability to provide sales and management reports to aid with trading decisions. Store profitability, product popularity and even individual staff member performance are just some of the available reports. Labels and receipts can be designed and maintained through MXBusiness. A wide variety of pre-set templates and barcode styles (including QR) are available to quickly get up and running.

Avery Berkel is a market leading manufacturer of innovative in-store weighing solutions for food retailers worldwide. The company has more than 19,000 active patents, which is about 2,000 more patents than NASA. Avery Berkel has created the world’s first PC-based scale.

Nixor is since 2009. Avery Berkel official representative in the Baltic States. We sell, integrate and develop Avery Berkel scales on our market.

Avery Berkel next generation XT series scales