InStore Solutions

The performance of a successful sales enterprise is boosted by a reliable POS system that ensures functional customer service even during peak hours. 

Well-thought-out sales solutions ensure fast and convenient customer service, saving time and offering the best customer experience.

POS Software

The workstations of shop assistants and cashiers are some of the most business-critical and complex parts of any POS system. POS software is often integrated with a number of background systems to make all of the information required in the customer service process usable. In addition, the variety of hardware integrations of POS software provides higher-than-average complexity.

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The notion of what constitutes a traditional checkout is changing. As the number of checkouts attended by a cashier is shrinking, self-service solutions and the related self-payment stations can already be considered commonplace. 

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Payment solutions

In partnership with Worldline’s Payment Terminals Division, we offer several design-award-winning payment terminals loaded with NixPAY software, which is known for its fast payment processing. NixPAY payment software has been developed in accordance with PA DSS security requirements. The solution has been certified by banks and also undergoes regular cyber security auditing by a third party.

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POS hardware

No matter how good the software is, it cannot be operated without reliable hardware. The workload to which a shop assistant’s workstation is subject as well as the related speed and reliability requirements are considerably higher than for standard office workstations. 

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Scale systems

Our scale systems are characterised by accuracy and reliability.  Avery Berkel scales include a number of unique features and patented solutions that ensure accurate weighing and low administrative costs.

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Presentation media

Electronic shelf labels allow you to change the information presented to customers quickly and automatically. Thus, changing pricing information carries virtually no labour costs, nor any printer-related costs, including expenses for paper. 

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