Security technology

Integrated video surveillance systems are essential for ensuring a secure working environment, as they help to prevent property damage as well as analyse information in a way that allows you to improve your company’s security solutions.

A functional video surveillance system with analytics enables you to automatically collect information about what is happening in the camera’s field of view and to identify various changes, movements, and objects. Based on your company’s needs and risk factors, we can design and install a video surveillance solution for you that helps prevent and, if necessary, detect security incidents on your premises.


Video surveillance and analytics management software for enterprises that allows you to control all of your company’s security cameras, view their live feeds, analyse archives, and manage various video surveillance processes as well as the related employee permissions. 

Video surveillance software enables your company to create the optimal security solution, while remaining in compliance with today’s increasingly stringent data protection laws.

  • Video surveillance

  • POS surveillance

  • Customer counting

  • Access control with facial recognition

  • Number plate recognition

  • NexuSec


Video surveillance equipment for the creation of a secure business environment, adapted to the features of the secured area to guarantee a sharp and clear video image at all times.


Bullet cameras

Dome cameras

Video recorders