Nixor reached a strategic partnership with OpenSolution!

December 28, 2018

Nixor has reached an agreement to a strategic partnership with OpenSolution, a leading Nordic payment solution provider. The aim of the partnership is to offer a modern, cost-effective and sales promotion and Point of Sale (POS) solutions to the Baltic market.

OpenSolution is a leading POS (Point of Sale)  solution provider for Food & Beverage, Cruise & Fuel and Charging, operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. With in-house development, over 150 full time employees and more than 20 000 customer, OS is offering most modern and innovative technology with high expertise. 

OpenSolution is unique in the market as they hold the entire value chain for payment processing. They also produce software in POS (Point of Sale) systems, central tools, reports and payment applications. This means that they can be at the forefront and challenge the industry. Their market reputation is to be very innovative. Their innovations are to a large extend the reason to why they have won several large Scandinavian contracts where they sell today their complete platform. The partnership with Nixor extends OpenSolution’s geographic reach and bolsters the company’s position as a key player in the Nordic and Baltic region.