Self Checkout System 7

December 06, 2018

The next-generation self-service platform that gives retailers the ability to customize their in-store environment to give shoppers fast, personalized checkout experiences.  

The re-imagined, next-generation self-service platform, creates more personalized in-store experiences by featuring three innovative form factors (cash-recycling, cashless, and kiosk) that enable retailers to tailor their front end according to their customer, floor space, and operational needs.

The retail-inspired design prepares retailers for the future by offering a customizable solution that is designed to help the global retailer meet the demands of the modern shopper, allowing modules to be added or reconfigured as store needs change, while offering investment protection and a continued focus on reliability, security, and compliance standards.  

Customers want their shopping interactions to be quick, easy, and clear. Providing technology that offers a user-friendly interface to make that possible is especially important for a successful selfservice platform. System 7 provides an intuitive user experience with a design that brings all of the shopper interaction touchpoints closer to the center of the action to reduce customer reach and the footprint required.  System 7 also improves the checkout process with the implementation of enhanced audio tones, a language switching toggle, intuitive on-screen icons and graphics that make transactions easier, shopper guidance lighting that directs attention to he next point of interaction, and the ability for shoppers to use their own bags.


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