Selver is operating super- and hypermarket chain in Estonia, which sells mainly food and household goods. Selver has 45 stores across Estonia, which are located in the Traffic hubs and therefore allow quick and convenient shopping for customers. Selver’s main purpose is to create and maintain customer trust, serve customers quickly and professionally, and always offer high quality goods.


Selver’s need was simple and clearly understood – to eliminate long queues and speed up the purchasing process. Since the company didn’t want to increase the number of cashiers, they had to find a solution by using technology.


Nixor in cooperation with Datalogic developed for Selver Self-Shopping solution ShopEvolution. Customer will use special Joya scanner, which is also called customer’s personal mobile “cashier”. After scanning, the goods are placed directly into shopping bag, there is no need to shell out the goods near the cash register. Customer will pay for the goods in self-payment terminal. Self-shopping solution offers greater opportunities for customers compared to conventional Self-Scanning, in addition to scanning products with Joya scanner it displays different information about products, promotions, and a shopping cart. The solution, implemented in Selver, is called SelveEkspress.

Advantages for merchant:

  • Higher turnover and bigger shopping cart
  • Lower labor cost
  • More purchases and loyal customers
  • Higher capacity of cash register area
  • Makes interactive communication with customers possible
  • Additional advertising at the moment of making a purchase decision
  • The image of innovation

Advantages for customer:

  • Increased purchasing convenience
  • More privacy for shopping
  • Faster shopping, compared with ordinary shopping
  • More information on products, campaigns and value of the shopping cart


SelveEkspress is a convenient service for loyal customers, those who have Partner loyalty card. The goal of SelveEkspress solution is to offer to customer an alternative shopping rather than to replace cashier. SelveEkspress solution has offered a new shopping experience for customers – it is something new and untraditional. Customer can shop quickly, constantly keep an eye on costs and the solution ensures more privacy of shopping.

The solution has significantly reduced the queues in shops, and given the opportunity to increase the capacity of the cash register area. Because of limited space there is no chance to add more cash registers in the shopping area, but the same surface can handle more of SelveEkspress Self-Payment terminals than ordinary cash registers. Selver admits that they are satisfied with the service, because of the large number of customers who use the service regularly. Over the years, SelveEkspress solution have been developed in many different ways (to give up the paper contract, partial purchase inspection, bonus payments, display promotions) which have brought more satisfaction. SelveEkspress Self-Shopping solution supports the innovative image of the store, because Selver was first in the retail industry in the Baltics who introduced Self-shopping solution.