IT support

To take advantage of the endless opportunities the latest technology offers, you will need a reliable IT infrastructure. To keep your infrastructure up to date and working flawlessly, you will need experienced IT technicians who know how to install, manage and maintain the latest IT systems.

Nixor is an IT service company, offering support to all of our clients who have implemented our systems to their infrastructure. Our service structure is based on HelpDesk where all client appeals are treated, solved, controlled and given feedback. 

To minimize problems and ensure the reliability of our clients’ infrastructure, we offer periodical maintanance for both hardware and software, monitoring and administration services.

Proactive activities

To ensure the hardware long life usability and minimize unexpected failures, we do periodic cleaning and maintenance. To minimize the software usability downtime we systematically maintain business critical software modules and databases.

Operative activities

In order to provide fast discovery and quick resolve times we use monitoring and help desk service tools. Thanks to monitoring we can solve problem before it affects system performance and usability.

Improve service

We analyse and review the service events results regular basis. Having categorized and aggregated information we filter the trends and based on that we can improve our service process and also make suggestions to our customers and business partners.

Depending on customer business profile and needs we agree on different SLA terms:

  • 8/5 – 8 hours, five days a week
  • 16/7  – 16 hours, every day
  • 24/7 – 24 hours, every day
  • 4, 6, 8 hours response or/and resolve times.

In addition to periodical proactive maintenance, you have our consultants and specialists from different departments working for you to help solve everyday work-related questions.

These will determine the need for setting up, integration and development. In the implementation process we will perform training for all users and, if needed, provide support during the first days of system actuation.

Preliminary study of the business processes

Project management

System development and integration

Consultation and training

Customer support


On-site support

Replacement devices