TallinnHotels is an accommodation and catering company established in 2005, and is the trademark of Aldera Hotell OÜ, an Estonian-owned hotel operation company. Hotels under TallinnHotel brand are Savoy Boutique Hotel, Hotel Palace and Hotel Bern. In addition to hotels there are two approved restaurants – Konrad and MEKK.


The Palace hotel was completely renovated in 2014 and also wanted to upgrade systems, that were in use. Company had to decide, which cash register and stock software to integrate in restaurant. Existing software didn’t offer modern innovative functions, and in addition client needed central software to manage several stocks together. They turned to Nixor to find suitable solution for the restaurant.


Nixor in cooperation with our technology partner ICG introduced FrontRest software. FrontRest is a special application software which is well suited for restaurant management and for performing sales and management functions..

Advantages of FrontRest:

  • Modern management software
  • The system has easy and logical structure
  • Functional warehouse management
  • Easy to create products
  • A wide range of reports
  • Visual layout of tables in cash register
  • Possibility to take orders with handheld terminal
  • Displays incoming orders on screen or printer
  • Online booking option
  • Ability to track the movement of goods between various warehouses

Ain Käpp, the CEO of Tallinn Hotels, says that FrontRest has many advantages over other similar systems:”FrontRest has Manager module, that allows to manage several point of sales in one software.” It is also important to Ain, who is the local IT support service provider:”For me, it is important, who is engaged in this software and is offering support. We have worked together with Nixor for a long time, and I know that they have a very competent team of specialists, who will never leave their customer in trouble.”


Today all hotels of TallinnHotels chain are using FrontRest sales software and ICG Manager for Central Management System. Every hotel has different database, but all the information is synchronized centrally. Thanks to centralized management, it’s fast and easy to add products into the system and make changes in warehouses. As Ain Käpp comments the user-friendly system:”I recommend the system, because it seems to be very suitable software for the larger hotels as well – those which already have a central warehouse. It is very convenient to use a tablet for the service. Also you can use tablet for inventory to enter the necessary data and quantities directly into the tablet, without using paper-and-pencil.” Introduction of FrontRest system to all TallinnHotels chain hotels made everyday work more efficient and more comfortable, thanks to the functionality of the system and a central management module.