Telia is the new generation of IT and telecommunications company, which offers a variety of products and solutions for both private and business customers, from mobile phones to a complete home solution package. The role of Telia is bringing available technology opportunities to people in a simple way, based on the client’s needs.


There was a need to quickly change prices and do that using as small resources as possible. Manufacturers often change the prices, and due to that Telia stores need to change the prices at least twice a week. Therefore, there was a situation where the customer servicer had to come to work an hour earlier in order to make necessary price changes.


Nixor in cooperation with DisplayData installed fully graphic electronic shelf labels in all Telia shops, to display information about product and price. Now changing the pricing and marketing information takes only seconds and it is also possible to affect customer decision near the store’s shelves.

Entire system is:

  • Easy to install
  • Has low maintenance costs
  • Managed remotely

Benefits for merchant:

  • Always the right price on the labels
  • Unlimited opportunity to share marketing and product information in seconds
  • Complete control and overview of all the information in shops
  • Sales and profit increase


The introduction of DisplayData electronic shelf labels helped to save time and total fixed charges, because the system uses a fast wireless two-way radio frequency, and due to that, the information is quickly changeable irrespective of store size and number of labels. In addition, Telia’s retail concept manager highlighted, that devices still use the same batteries as installed, and 99,5% of electronic shelf labels are still in working order. Investment in DisplayData electronic shelf labels has paid off in 1-2 years. This solution have given the company the image of innovator. Telia was the first company in Estonia, who began using electronic shelf labels, and it was in Narva shop in 2008. Also they were awarded with “Service Achievement” prize.