About us

We are a technology partner, one which primarily operates in the field of information development and security technology systems, and in providing support services. Over the course of more than twenty-five years of operations, we have been the first to implement several novel areas of technology have helped businesses to perform better in our domestic markets, in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. In tight-knit cooperation with selected external partners, we systematically analyse the development trends in our field and focus on the implementation of novel solutions which provide a competitive advantage.

We Do IT

We do IT!
We are the best technology partner for trade and service companies.
  • We provide IT solutions which serve to increase the efficiency of businesses and to improve the customer experience

  • We understand the needs of the market

  • We create new standards and implement innovative projects

  • We have diverse experience and the skills required to solve seemingly complex tasks and to integrate various components or systems into one comprehensive solution

  • We are consultants and assist in making the best choices when investing in technology

  • We manage projects, allowing the client to focus on their principal activity

  • We guarantee a standard-based service process for all of the solutions that we have launched

  • We design comprehensive solutions which are based on the principles of optimum investment and reliable sales


Invisible technology

Technology which ensures the functioning of all of the company’s visible main processes, while remaining invisible itself as it is both efficient and reliable.


Creating invisible technology

Creating technological solutions which remain invisible. Even the most complex solutions remain simple on the surface and can be used intuitively. 

We are creating self-recovering solutions which are equipped with monitoring and automated processes, which cut down the gap between the occurrence of a failure and the discovery of a solution, so that any time which needs to be used in which to solve the issue will remain unnoticeable for the user.

Our innovatsions


Integration of self-payment station with access control turnstiles (NixSPT – ITAB)

First vending system built into a payment terminal (NixPAY vending – Valina) 


First hybrid weighing scale and POS solution – use of scale as POS (AveryBerkel)


First video surveillance solution with carriage number recognition functionality (SecurOS Transit)


First self-payment station with cash payment support (NixSPT – Glory) 


First compact self-service system with cash management functionality (Cashdro)


First hybrid self-checkout + traditional checkout solution (Toshiba-ITAB)


Integration of mobile contactless payment solution with POS system (Oscar – EMT)


First installation of a self-scanning solution (Datalogic Joya)

First self-service solution for spas: access and lockers (Metra)


Esimene iseteeninduskassa projekt (IBM SCO)


First electronic shelf label system (ZBD)


First server-independent card payment solution for checkouts (NixPAY)


First all-in-one software application for hotel, conference, and spa management (HotSoft)


First web-based retail management software application (WebSHOP)


First web-based warehouse management software application (WebStock)


First BOPIS integration project (Oscar – Drive-in)


First installation of a combined weighing scale & barcode scanner (Magellan SL)


First digital POS video surveillance solution (Kassavalve)

First fast card payment solution (NixPAY-Host-TCP/IP)


First centrally managed online loyalty card solution (Kliendikaart)

First chain store management software application (ShopCenter)


First weighing scale system integrated with retail management software application (Bizerba SW) 


First store sales and inventory tracking software application (PC, DOS, InfoShop)

First issue of purchase order document by a store by fax (in EDI format) 


First fixed-mount desktop barcode scanner (PSC VS-1200)


First retail barcode scanner (Datalogic DL-60) 

First cash register network (ADS-34 Master-Slave)


First cash register to enable sales recording and inventory tracking (ADS-34.1220)


Nixor AD AS was born in 1991 from a collaborative venture with the company ADS-Anker Data System OY/AB, which dealt with cash registers in Finland. On 15 May 1991, the International Economics Board of the Republic of Estonia granted authorisation to the Finnish company ADS-Anker Data System to open a representative office in Estonia. The first ADS-Anker cash register was put into service in Estonia on 7 September 1991.

On 22 December 1993, the Entrepreneurship Department of the Tallinn City Government registered the Articles of Association of ADS-Anker Eesti Aktsiaselts and assigned the company the registration number 01278370. The business name NIXOR has been in use since 28 June 1996.

In 2003, the company Nixor LV SIA was founded in Latvia. The resolution to establish Nixor EE AS in Estonia was adopted on 18 December 2006 in connection with the restructuring of the company Nixor AD AS. Nixor EE was entered into the national commercial register on 3 January 2007. As the operations and employees of the parent company Nixor AD were transferred to the newly established Nixor EE, its previous business activities essentially continued under a new name. Meanwhile, Nixor AD continued to operate as a management enterprise, developing its subsidiaries Nixor EE and Nixor LV. In 2008, Nixor LT UAB was established in Lithuania.