Payment solutions

In cooperation with the PAX payment terminals division, we offer a range of android payment terminals with NixPAY software, renowned for its speed of payments. 
NixPAY payment software has been developed following best practices and the highest security standards. The solution has been certified by banks and is regularly subject to cyber security audits. NixPAY is integrated with a wide range of point of sale systems. It is also possible to use the payment terminal standalone, independent of the sales systems.
The NixPAY software is characterised by speed and reliability. The payment transaction is always carried out by the customer himself, so particular attention has been paid to the information displayed on the screen to make the software intuitive for all target groups.


Fast and secure payment solution on PAX terminals. Probably the fastest payment solution, which minimises the time spent on the sales process.

NixPAY Vending
NixPAY-vending is a unique payment software application for self-service solutions, which also allows product sales to be registered on a payment terminal. Used in devices such as coffee machines, parcel delivery lockers, vending machines, slot machines, and laundromats. 








Payment terminals

PAX is the world's leading manufacturer of reliable and user-friendly Android payment terminals. Nixor is the official development and service partner for Pax payment terminals in the Baltics.