All in one business software

Odoo is one of the fastest growing business software in the world, offering a wide range of applications integrated into one automated solution.

  • Open source

  • Fully integrated

  • Supports the growth of your business

  • Excellent POS and warehouse management software suitable for a store and a restaurant

  • Can be used on PC, tablet and phone

  • Reduces digital waste

Odoo for your shop or reatsurant

Looking for a POS software for your shop or restaurant? Maybe you dream of your own website and e-shop instead? While POS is traditionally integrated with your business and warehouse software, then with using Odoo, everything you need is already in one functional system. 

you can make a great website without complicated codes or previous experience with Odoo. In addition, you can add your online shop with just a few clicks. Conveniently manage your customer programs, newsletters, social media and more in one easy to use software. 

It's an omnichannel solution that really supports the growth and development of your business. Tell us about your plans and we will put together a complete solution with the right accessories for you.

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The solution is put together from 70+ applications, each covering a specific business need. Odoo can automate repetitive operations in seconds because all applications are fully integrated with each other. This gives you a complete overview of what's going on in the company, avoids human errors, and allows you to focus on what's really important.

The power of Odoo lies in its modularity: it is suitable for both small and large companies. You can add applications to your database whenever you need them. Odoo will support the growth of your business in the long run, whether you have 1 or 300,000 employees. Regardless of the company type it is ready to be used thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly environment.