The highest quality electronic shelf labels

Electronic price tags save employees time, ensure that the correct  product information is displayed, enable dynamic pricing and help optimize business processes.

  • Minimal time spent on changes

  • Always correct and synchronised product information

  • Dynamic pricing

  • Short term campaigns

  • Possibility to display additional information

  • Helps to optimise business processes

What are electronic shelf labels and what are they used for?

Electronic price tags are media displays that use electronic ink technology. This technology ensures very low power consumption for digital labels, which allows the labels to run on batteries only. The same batteries can be used for up to 10 years.

Electronic tags can be used to change the information displayed automatically and without manual labor. This feature simplifies many processes in locations where a large amount of different information is displayed that changes over time (e.g., retail stores and warehouses).

Minimal time spent on changes

The information displayed on ESL changes automatically without any employees having to spend valuable time on it.

Up to date and correct product information

Electronic shelf labels are integrated with the sales system which ensure the correctness and synchronization of product information between different systems.

Optimised business processes 

Electronic labels allow you to optimize various business processes, e.g. filling shelves, assembling, conducting campaigns.

Electronic price tags installed by Nixor