One software for all the sales devices in the store

Visualstore is a POS software developed by Toshiba, a recognized technology leader in retailing. It is suitable for grocery stores, shopping malls and electronics stores. Visualstore, has already created a number of integrations and enhancements that provide standard functionality, which helps to keep the cost of integrations down for its users:

  • Various sales features, including promotions

  • Ability to work in the clud

  • Back Office

  • Self service cash registers

  • Compatibility of different hardware, e.g. hand scanners and scales

Supported platforms

Although developed by Toshiba, Visualstore supports a variety of platforms to ensure convenient and customer-friendly implementation.


Operation systems

Integrated with scales

Visualstore can be integrated with a new generation of smart scales. Computer-based scales with advanced graphics and dual screens create an additional channel of communication with consumers.

Clients can see:

  • Product information: ingredients, nutritional value, allergens

  • Recipes, suggestions, cross-selling

  • Advertising, promotions, digital labels

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Campaign module

Visualstore allows you to create different campaigns and their combinations.

  • Within campaign total amounts / within departments

  • Loyalty offers, including additional discounts

  • Coupons

  • Earning points with every purchase


Customer path: 

  • Identifying the customer and taking the self-scanning device

    • Customer identification with a customer card

    • System assigns a devide (system makes selection based on device battery level and additional parameters: for example: devices in the holders below are reserved for disabled people)

  • Shopping experioence

    • Customer scans the items (either the barcodes on the items, the weight on the screen or the price tags)

    • The list of goods, prices, subtotals, offers, points are immediately visible on the screen of the self-scanning device

    • Possibility to delete items from the shopping list

  • Completion and payment of purchase

    • Completion of the purchase is possible at both the self-service checkout and the regular checkout

  • Purchase control

    • Random purchase check

    • Purchase control initiated by staff